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Our Best Value Guarantee

The phrase “you get what you pay for” absolutely holds true in the moving industry.
Pair Of Guys Movers provides the best value and the best moving experience, period. We’ve done the homework and compared our rates to all the others movers. Our findings? Pair Of Guys Movers is THE ONLY mover without destination fees to drive to your loading address. This results in a direct savings of $80-$150 off your move.

Our hourly rates are guaranteed and do not fluctuate throughout your move,
that’s why you’ll never see us use gimmicky sales tactics to get your business. Beware of companies that advertise “$59 for the first hour” type specials.

If you do receive a better written quote from a local competitor, send it to us.
We will perform an “apples to apples” comparison, and in most cases meet or beat their price. Other movers simply cannot compete with our Best Value Guarantee.

Send all competitive written quotes to