Keeping your valuables safe when moving

One of the most problematic parts of moving house is the risk that things will get damaged. You will likely be extremely concerned about the well being of items that are made from glass, china or any other breakable material, especially as they will have to be lumped in with everything else in a van, which will then subject all of your items to some severe vibrations and shaking as it moves. The transit part of a move is the most nerve wracking, as you can not do anything to protect your beloved belongings, as they are trapped away in the back of the van. This can be quite a tense period, as you will be terrified that you will open the rear of the van to find a bomb site of smashed up things that you once loved. The reality is that removals companies train their staff in handling and packing things in a way that prevents these sorts of things happening, but there are things that you should do to prevent the likelihood of such an event. As always with a move, you should start planning and packing well in advance of the actual date. This will give you time to source materials and work out ways of doing things in a cost effective as well as highly protective manner. You will not regret putting some thought in to the process, but you will regret neglecting your things, and losing them to the swinging space in the back of the van.

For a start, you need the right materials. Many who are concerned about their belongings’ safety will reach straight for the bubble wrap, but it is a high cost material, whose production is terrible for the environment. In some situations, you will need bubble wrap, but for the most part, tissue paper from a sustainable or recycled source will suffice, as scrunching or layering it will provide a protective barrier against things knocking in to each other. Having sturdy boxes that will not lose their shape is another vital material to have. Older boxes will crease more easily, which can mean that sticking them is unsafe. The result of a few boxes falling down from a pile in the van would be disastrous to the items within and around them, so be sure to buy new boxes, and make sure that you recycle them afterwards, as sending them to landfill is another ecological nightmare. make sure you are armed with plenty of packing tape, as it always seems to run out at the worst time. You can always use spare rolls of tape around the house if you have some left over, so do not be scared of getting an extra or two!

A sheet of paper between plates should be enough to dampen the vibrations that may cause them to mark each other or to crack, but it is worth filling out any empty space within boxes with bunched up tissue to prevent any movement. With large items you should find any smaller extremities that are likely to break off, and be sure to remove them if you can. If not, place protective cardboard or wood around them and tape in place. if you can, then highlight the area so that those who are moving the item can see that they need to watch out for that bit. Mirrors should be protected again with hardboard or cardboard, especially over the sheet glass, as cracking can be easy if it is not well protected.


Difficult Objects Moving Tips

Moving is hard on us when we need to take care of large quantities of objects and especially difficult ones, such as the bulky and awkward belongings we often have around our homes. Years of accumulation of objects of all kinds can mean all the difference in the world when the big day of moving. There are pieces of furniture and other things that need you to do the extra effort required to get them from point A to point B. The following article will give you tips on what you need to do to get things done. We begin with the first one on our list:

* Moving Fish and Aquariums

Keeping fish around your home is a great, relaxing way to have pets that are clean and require a minimum amount of care compared to larger pets. It’s like your own little Georgia Aquarium! They do however need more care when it comes to moving. If left at the mercy of a simple move of the whole aquarium they will likely not survive the road ahead due to bruising and temperature changes. Fish can bruise when the water they are moved in moves too fast due to sudden stops, so keep that in mind. You must drain the majority of the tank as you won’t need all the water in it to get things done. If you have any plants in the aquarium you should move them to a bag separately from the fish. The fish themselves should be moved in a small bag and handled with extreme care. The reason for keeping some water in the aquarium is the micro-organisms that inhabits the water that create a symbiotic relationship with the fish as they live there.

* Moving plants

Although plants may not be quite so difficult to deal with, the can be depending on their type. They could be hurt just as easily as pets, if not even more so. If your plants are placed in ceramic planters, then you will need to move them to plastic ones at least a week before you decide to move. This will protect them from breaking during the move. Depending on the length of the trip the plants may need some stable conditions and a temperature-controlled transport or storage. Exercising caution ensures your botanical garden makes it to your new home. 

* Moving a piano

Pianos are notoriously heavy, often weighing somewhere up to half a ton. They are odd and uncomfortable to carry, difficult to deal with and impossible to move alone. There is a good reason why people keep hiring piano movers, since even moving it down to street level can be difficult and it sometimes involves you having to haul it right through a window. Most homes are not made to support large and bulky objects moving through their doorways. Professional movers will use a crane to get them through the windows since in many cases the doors are impossible to deal with. On the other hand a piano dolly may also be used to move it around, but that also requires you to have a large freight elevator to help you out. In all cases you will need the help of movers to get it moving and that simply cannot be avoided.

Helping your young child adjust to moving

Getting children excited about moving house can be troublesome. Such a big change can be earth-shattering for a kid, especially if it means they’ll be leaving behind their friends and school. Children won’t always understand the necessity of moving house, and so they can often feel as though their opinions don’t matter. Here are some ways you can ease the moving process for your little ones. 1) Involve them! Try to let the children be as involved as possible. Bring them along to house-viewings and get their opinions. Though they won’t understand the financial side of moving house, it’s important that they get to see their potential new home. 2) Cleaning house. Your child may struggle when it comes to clearing out some of their old possessions. Give them a helping hand when it comes to deciding on what to keep and what to throw. If you yourself are selling items, it might be worth offering a similar option to your kids. Let them sort through their toys and clothes in piles for donation or for selling. Take them to a car-boot or jumble sale if you don’t think they’ll fetch much online, and let your son or daughter keep their money! This is a great way to get your kids excited about de-cluttering their home. 3) Decorating. If there’s one thing children like it’s getting messy, and the prospect of decorating can be exciting to a kid – especially if it’s their room that’s getting a makeover! Sit down with your child and plan to decorate their new bedroom. If money isn’t an option consider wallpaper, flooring, and furniture designed for children to get them excited about moving house. If you haven’t got the funds to stretch to that, don’t fret! You can easily use paint, accessories and wall-stickers to decorate a room on a budget. If you’re planning on decorating yourself, get the kids involved and make a day of it! Don’t limit your children’s input to their room only – let them have a say in the design of the whole house. If they haven’t quite got a knack for interior decorating, just try to include them in the process. Take them to look at wallpaper samples and paint swatches while listening to their opinions. 4) Exploring your new area. Kids can struggle to adjust to a new neighborhood or town, so make sure you take the time to explore with them. Find out where your local park, swimming pool and library might be and spend time with them there. For younger children, research into classes and courses that your child might be interested in taking. This is a great idea to boost socialization skills and help your child make friends quickly. 5) Saying goodbye. One of the most difficult parts of moving house for a child is having to say goodbye to school friends and neighbors. Help ease the stress by planning a leaving party for your friends, your children’s friends and your neighbors as well. Get the kids involved with the planning too! Make the event as family-friendly as possible and let your children say a proper goodbye. Saying farewell to your best friend can be a horrible experience for a child, so exchange contact details with some of your son or daughter’s best friends’ parents. It can’t hurt to see them at future birthday parties or get-togethers!

Storage options for businesses when moving to a new location

Moving to a new home can be very stressful and the same also applies for a business that is relocating to another premises. It is vital that you get as many quotes as possible. You shouldn’t choose the removals company that you get your first quote from. This is because the next company which you get in touch with could provide a quote for the same type of services but at a far cheaper price. Here’s what to consider in regards to storage: – Get rid of items which aren’t needed. One of the first tasks that have to be done is to get rid of items which a business doesn’t require anymore. Your company might have large storage cupboards which contain electrical items that aren’t used because you recently purchased newer models. They can be recycled or sold to other companies. By only taking what is needed to your new premises, you won’t waste space in a removals van.

- Overnight storage

If you’re not getting the keys for the new premises for twenty four hours after the lease on your former head office has expired, choose overnight storage. There are many companies which provide short-term storage options for organisations. By searching online for those that are nearest to your new premises, vital office equipment can be stored not too far away from where they’ll be from now on.

- Long term storage

When long term storage in Atlanta is needed, choose a company that is able to provide it for far longer than twenty four hours. You should inquire about whether they have both security guards and CCTV on their premises. If they don’t have these forms of security, there is a higher chance of what is stored of being stolen. It doesn’t matter whether possessions will be stored for several days or for several months – by having multiple types of security, you’ll be provided with peace of mind. This option is very convenient when a business is moving abroad. When new premises are in a country which is on another continent, its office equipment and computers will probably need to be put into storage for several weeks. Storage companies might offer discounts for those who store items for more than a couple of days. You should know approximately how long you require storage for. This is because the total cost for doing so could be much less when an accurate time for storage is provided to a company. If you don’t want to pack items yourself into boxes and then take them to a storage unit, a company can do this for you instead. They might even provide boxes, put them into storage and then transport them to your new premises when you’re ready to move. Therefore, your business doesn’t have to do anything when relocating apart from paying a removals company for their assistance.

- Utilize free space

One of the most cost effective removals and storage options is to use the empty space in your premises. When a move is about to happen and no meetings or conferences are scheduled, you could put boxes and furniture into the spaces which are normally used for those purposes. This option is particularly convenient if you have the keys for both your current and new property at the same time. This is because you can move boxes from one property to another with ease. It can be time consuming and costly for a business to move from its current premises to its new head office. However, by carefully planning it, your Georgia relocation will go smoothly and there will be as few hiccups as possible.

Selling Your Old Home To Financially Support Your Move Into Your New Home

Remember that in order to boast your finances throughout your removal process you need to make everything you can in order to add more and more money to your budget in order to be certain that you will end up without a failure in your new home. Perhaps the greatest income you might receive after a move is to sell your old living place. This is simply quite logical because after all you are buying a new home and in order to make things even you need to sell it, whether you’re moving to downtown Atlanta, north Georgia, or Lake Lanier. If you don’t, you have to be certain that either you’ll have some very strong financial resources or that you will have a stable plan about how to replenish your finances after.

The smartest thing to do still remains selling the old home or arrange everything in a way so that the old home can provide you with financial wealth. There are several stages of this entire process. The first one involves estimating your budget properly and estimating the right price. The second one involves the sell itself and finally what you need to take care of is preserving everything valuable from your old home so that you don’t miss anything. First of all, remember to figure out your budget in the right manner. What you need to be sure in is that the money you will get for selling your old house are enough in order for them to replenish your finances or prepare your financial situation about buying another house. Usually, the price you get for the house you sell is lower than the price you are presented with the house that you buy, however the difference shouldn’t be who knows how terrifying. Regardless, this is the case because usually things should go from less to more and if you have been living in a cheaper house you will want to go to a more expensive one. However this is not always the case and sometimes you might be in the greatly comfortable situation of relocating to something cheaper. Either way, selling your home in one-off deal is the best and most secure option. You could still give it under rent but that will mean the appropriate amount of money to recuperate your losses will not be in your hands in the right time. So when it comes down to the process of selling you need to remember that you need to initially take out from the house and not include in the selling proposal the things that you want to keep. After that you need to provide the home you are selling with a reasonable price-by reasonable you need to think in both directions. First it has to be reasonable enough for people to purchase it appropriately on time, before the removal day and even before the time you buy your new home because otherwise you will see yourself owing money and recuperating from losses. The other direction of reasonable means that the money you get for the house should be enough to restore your financial balances eventually. Both things-speed of the sale and the amount of money you get are important, but remember that you can’t have one without the other. In order to sell it the right way you need to consider the likability of the location, what the house offers and what its comforts are and then you need to give it a realistic price and not treat it as your dear beloved home that you are leaving-in the eyes of others it is just a normal house or apartment.

What Questions to Ask in Connection with Moving Your House

People who are planning to move house often have large amounts of items to be moved to the new home. These items typically comprise fragile ones, bulky and heavy furniture items, and a number of small items that have to be sorted into categories in order to afford the owners the ease of unpacking and laying out of the items in the new home.

People who are moving their house for the first time would like to know what questions to ask in order to obtain the information they need, to be able to choose the right removal company, or to assess whether they can carry out the removal on their own.

Naturally, the most important question to be asked by people looking for removal services should be to inquire about the price. Prices vary according to the scope of removal activities to be carried out, as well as according to the distance over which the household belongings are to be transported. By asking several removal companies, browsing quotes online, and asking friends who have already moved house and have some experience, people can decide on the removal company that offers the best rates for them.

The length of time that the removal activities are expected to take should be another item of information to ask about. Beware of companies that will intentionally underestimate or understate the required time it takes for moving.

Packing is another matter to inquire about in detail. To preserve the appearance and good condition of the furniture, dishes, decorations, etc. to be transported to the new home, good packing is essential. When all the items are packed sufficiently well, using the best materials which prevent damaging, scratching, breaking, etc., they are certain to arrive in the new home intact.

Yet in the course of the packing and the transportation some household items can suffer slight damage, and to be certain that their items are adequately protected, people should ask about the insurance during the removal project.

Atlanta movers should also envision a possibility of not being able to obtain the keys to their new home on time, for reasons that are not in their power. Then they should ask the removal company they are planning to hire what should be done in the event that everything has been adequately packed and ready to be moved, but on the day the removal activities and transportation are to start they may be unable to provide the keys to the new home, and as a result the removal technicians cannot take the household items inside their new home.

Of course, people may also be interested in other details related to the preparation and the carrying out of the removal activities by removal companies. But the above mentioned questions are the most important ones to be asked to enable people to gain an adequate understanding of what their removal project will be like and how they should choose the removal company that best meets their needs.

What You Need to Know Before Moving

Moving is without a doubt one of the biggest and most important steps in life one can take. Many people are excited by the idea to live in a new area, new town, or even in a new country. However, others feel nothing less than fear from the unknown. In other words, a serious step like this requires a lot of planning and consideration. There are way too many things that have to thought over and over again, so decisions concerning a move should not and cannot be taken overnight. You will have to think about all the changes that a possible move will bring. Remember that there is no turning back, once you’ve made the change. Or even if there is an option to go back, it will have to do with lots of additional expenses, so ask yourself these important questions before you undertake anything.

Are there good job opportunities ?
Everybody’s life depends on his/her incomes, so this aspect is of vital importance. Do some thorough research to see in what condition the labor market is and whether there is a demand for people with your qualifications.

The cost of living?
This has, to a great extent, a lot to do with the first question. The place doesn’t need to be super cheap, but it also shouldn’t go to the other extreme, making you barely make ends meet. After all, your new hometown needs to make you feel comfortable. Learn if you will be able to afford living there. If the answer is ‘no’, postpone moving or simply choose a different destination.

What your family thinks about it?
Bear in mind that this is not an individual decision. Talk things over with the other members of your family. Don’t be selfish. If you have already decided on a certain place/house, make something like a family meeting, sit together as a family and consider both the pros and cons. Will your children be able to adjust to the new surrounding, to find new friends, etc. There are many other factors than “I want to move”.

Is it a safe neighborhood you are moving to?
Another very important thing for you to consider. If safety is not important, then what is? You will have to do your best to ensure your family’s safety and even to make some compromises if you have to. Gather a lot of information about the neighborhood you will be living. You can contact the local police department to ask about criminal rates in the past couple of years. Asking around the locals is also a smart option. They can give you a first-hand experience.

How much is the moving going to cost you?
Last, but definitely not least, you will have to take into deep consideration the overall price you are about to pay. Will you be able to afford it? Have you hired the most reliable and efficient removal company? Can you save money by doing some things on your own? These are all questions that need answers.


Looking for Excellent Service from Atlanta Moving Companies?

If you are a homeowner or office manager in the Atlanta area and you are looking to move homes or premises, one of the things that you will need to sort out is a moving company to get your belongings moved from A to B. Of course, you will naturally be looking for a provider that can offer an excellent level of service and reliability along with competitive pricing, which means doing a little research.

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Home Moving Services that You can Rely On

Moving home can be a very stressful time, as there is so much to be done and to organize. The last thing you need, on top of all the other hassles, is to end up with a moving company that is going to let you down, overcharge you or provide an unprofessional service. This is why it is important to ensure you find home moving services that you can rely on, as this can help to make your move far less stressful.

Get the Service You Want from Pair of Guys Home Moving Services

When you use the home moving services from Pair of Guys Movers, you will be able to benefit from reliability, as well as professional and affordable services. You can therefore reduce the worry that is associated with moving home, as you will have the help of experts in the field. This can be invaluable to any homeowner or renter who wants their move to go smoothly and efficiently.

Why you should choose reputable Atlanta moving companies

Moving home can be a difficult time and one during which you need to be very organized. Part of the process includes choosing a moving company to help with your move and by choosing the right moving company you can make a big difference to how smoothly your move goes. If you are in the Atlanta area, you should choose reputable Atlanta moving companies, so that you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to moving.

How to choose reliable Atlanta moving companies

If you have never moved before or haven’t moved for some years, you may not know what to look for when looking at Atlanta moving companies. In order to make the right decision, you should make sure you use a licensed moving company and you should also take the time to look at reviews and testimonials to hear about the experiences of others.