Keeping your valuables safe when moving

One of the most problematic parts of moving house is the risk that things will get damaged. You will likely be extremely concerned about the well being of items that are made from glass, china or any other breakable material, especially as they will have to be lumped in with everything else in a van, which will then subject all of your items to some severe vibrations and shaking as it moves. The transit part of a move is the most nerve wracking, as you can not do anything to protect your beloved belongings, as they are trapped away in the back of the van. This can be quite a tense period, as you will be terrified that you will open the rear of the van to find a bomb site of smashed up things that you once loved. The reality is that removals companies train their staff in handling and packing things in a way that prevents these sorts of things happening, but there are things that you should do to prevent the likelihood of such an event. As always with a move, you should start planning and packing well in advance of the actual date. This will give you time to source materials and work out ways of doing things in a cost effective as well as highly protective manner. You will not regret putting some thought in to the process, but you will regret neglecting your things, and losing them to the swinging space in the back of the van.

For a start, you need the right materials. Many who are concerned about their belongings’ safety will reach straight for the bubble wrap, but it is a high cost material, whose production is terrible for the environment. In some situations, you will need bubble wrap, but for the most part, tissue paper from a sustainable or recycled source will suffice, as scrunching or layering it will provide a protective barrier against things knocking in to each other. Having sturdy boxes that will not lose their shape is another vital material to have. Older boxes will crease more easily, which can mean that sticking them is unsafe. The result of a few boxes falling down from a pile in the van would be disastrous to the items within and around them, so be sure to buy new boxes, and make sure that you recycle them afterwards, as sending them to landfill is another ecological nightmare. make sure you are armed with plenty of packing tape, as it always seems to run out at the worst time. You can always use spare rolls of tape around the house if you have some left over, so do not be scared of getting an extra or two!

A sheet of paper between plates should be enough to dampen the vibrations that may cause them to mark each other or to crack, but it is worth filling out any empty space within boxes with bunched up tissue to prevent any movement. With large items you should find any smaller extremities that are likely to break off, and be sure to remove them if you can. If not, place protective cardboard or wood around them and tape in place. if you can, then highlight the area so that those who are moving the item can see that they need to watch out for that bit. Mirrors should be protected again with hardboard or cardboard, especially over the sheet glass, as cracking can be easy if it is not well protected.


Difficult Objects Moving Tips

Moving is hard on us when we need to take care of large quantities of objects and especially difficult ones, such as the bulky and awkward belongings we often have around our homes. Years of accumulation of objects of all kinds can mean all the difference in the world when the big day of moving. There are pieces of furniture and other things that need you to do the extra effort required to get them from point A to point B. The following article will give you tips on what you need to do to get things done. We begin with the first one on our list:

* Moving Fish and Aquariums

Keeping fish around your home is a great, relaxing way to have pets that are clean and require a minimum amount of care compared to larger pets. It’s like your own little Georgia Aquarium! They do however need more care when it comes to moving. If left at the mercy of a simple move of the whole aquarium they will likely not survive the road ahead due to bruising and temperature changes. Fish can bruise when the water they are moved in moves too fast due to sudden stops, so keep that in mind. You must drain the majority of the tank as you won’t need all the water in it to get things done. If you have any plants in the aquarium you should move them to a bag separately from the fish. The fish themselves should be moved in a small bag and handled with extreme care. The reason for keeping some water in the aquarium is the micro-organisms that inhabits the water that create a symbiotic relationship with the fish as they live there.

* Moving plants

Although plants may not be quite so difficult to deal with, the can be depending on their type. They could be hurt just as easily as pets, if not even more so. If your plants are placed in ceramic planters, then you will need to move them to plastic ones at least a week before you decide to move. This will protect them from breaking during the move. Depending on the length of the trip the plants may need some stable conditions and a temperature-controlled transport or storage. Exercising caution ensures your botanical garden makes it to your new home. 

* Moving a piano

Pianos are notoriously heavy, often weighing somewhere up to half a ton. They are odd and uncomfortable to carry, difficult to deal with and impossible to move alone. There is a good reason why people keep hiring piano movers, since even moving it down to street level can be difficult and it sometimes involves you having to haul it right through a window. Most homes are not made to support large and bulky objects moving through their doorways. Professional movers will use a crane to get them through the windows since in many cases the doors are impossible to deal with. On the other hand a piano dolly may also be used to move it around, but that also requires you to have a large freight elevator to help you out. In all cases you will need the help of movers to get it moving and that simply cannot be avoided.

Moving boxes – To buy or not to buy

When moving home or business there is one thing you are going to need in abundance. Boxes. Large or small, cardboard or plastic, they are all useful when it comes to relocating to another property. However, with the economic climate meaning many are watching what they spend and the environmental experts encouraging recycling, many face a dilemma when it comes to sourcing their moving boxes. When discussing moving with friends many will suggest popping down to your local supermarket and picking up some boxes for free. Though this may seem like a simple, easy and green solution to your packing worries it’s not as simple as that anymore. Before the government introduced incentives to large businesses to recycle it was easy to collect large amounts of spare packaging from shops. However, if you choose this as a way to get your boxes be warned. Most companies now flatten, shred or recycle their cardboard waste as soon as they are done with it. This means that if you need a lot of boxes, looking to the supermarkets might not be the answer. This being said however, many large supermarkets have a policy where they will happily allow customers to take any boxes they do have if they ask in store for them. So, if you start preparing in advance, and asking every time you do a food shop in the months running up to your move then you may find you can get most of your boxes in this way. Though this may be a suitable option for some people, others might find that slowly growing a collection of boxes actually hinders their ability to sort through and pack their items instead of being a help. With the home improvement market putting a heavy emphasis on utilizing empty space many people have bedrooms where they once had loft storage and extra living space instead of usable garages. If this seems similar to the situation you are in then you may find you just don’t have to space to store an ever growing collection of boxes. If this is the case, then the ease of bulk buying boxes may be for you. Packing box companies usually only sell to large businesses but they have found that they are selling more and more boxes per year for domestic and small moves. This is because of a number of factors but mostly the ease of bulk buying to the everyday house mover. Boxes can be purchased in large quantities, in various sizes either online or from removal companies. The benefit of the latter is that some companies will buy back any unused boxes so that you can re-claim some of the cost if you over spend. This is easy for many because it removes the need to store already constructed boxes for a long time before your move. As well as this it means you are buying new unused boxes with no wear and tear and no weak spots from previous use. With all this in mind, the question is, is it worth buying boxes or recycling old ones? The answer to that depends on your situation. If you have the time and the storage or are on a strict budget then collecting boxes from shops and recycling old ones may well be the best solution for you and your packing needs. However, if time and space is limited and your budget is slightly more flexible, then a bulk purchase of new boxes is the quick and easy solution. Just remember, it doesn’t matter which type of box you decide to use, you’ll always need more than you think you will!

Moving tips for students

Usually, when we think of a moving, we imagine a large heap of baggage and boxes and a van that we have hired waiting for us and our belonging to drive us to our new life. Though, having this change ahead includes lots of emotions, stress, and expectations, as well. To be clearer, the moving is not a universal thing that comes with a particular scheduler that can fit to all of us. After all, the moving happens in different moments for each of us. For instance, a new family or a just married couple will organize the relocation with the thought of a new member, a baby that is coming. It is completely different. When a student is expecting to move, it is totally different, though. Student`s life is a wonderful journey that allows young people to face a different reality they have not known previously from the funny and carefree days at school. The university is not just an institution the students are about to meet in order to get more information and knowledge. On the contrary, the university is more just a building, where we study and grow up. It is an entire new universe, where new obligations appear and new exciting emotions are expecting for us. Together with all of these things, including the night parties and long-lasting preparation for exams and interviews for the first job, the moving is also something the student looks forward. The main thing that is rounding in a student`s fresh head is that he or she has finally the chance to separate from the sweet, sweet home and the parents’ control. At first, this sounds as the time of a student`s life, but late, the student will realize that moving from home means also new tasks to do – housekeeping chores, for instance. The removal for the student is a great adventure with lots of new emotions and a great number of responsibilities. The most important thing that the student should be prepared for, if a moving is ahead, is the future organization and occupation. The alternatives are plenty, but the main factor is the place, where the student will spend the next years in partying and studying. Student hostels are something we all cannot forget. In this case the student usually goes home very often, because the equipment and the conditions in hostels are not that many. If the student is wealthy, a new personal studio or apartment may be rented. In both cases, the baggage preparation is the first challenge for the student. Besides the books, the clothes, and all of the personal belongings, a student should have in mind some strange for her or him things to carry. It is not a holiday or vacation, so household belongings must be put in the luggage to – kitchen appliances, bath cosmetics, medicine chest, gadgets, and some lovely souvenirs from home to kill the nostalgia, when bad days arrive. Meanwhile, the parents will worry a lot – this is for certain. So, if the student will forget to put something in the baggage, the removal will not be a disaster, because the loving mom will take care of anything and no detail will be passed by. When the student is about to face the moving from home, he or she will also need to learn some basic information about the country or the town he or she will live in.

Why labeling your boxes is essential

So you have decided to move homes or change your business location and are in the process of packing all of your belongings or office supplies. Every article will recommend that you label your boxes, and you may be well aware of the advantages of labeling your boxes. Then why is it that so many people ignore this basic task and do not label their boxes? Labeling boxes can seem like a time consuming task. You may think that you do not need to go back into the boxes once they have been packed and sealed. You may also feel like that you do not have the time to individually label each box or keep an inventory of some sort, especially if you have left packing till the last minute. However, this article will show you just how important it is to label your boxes. It will provide you with a few scenarios that may apply to you where you will thank your lucky stars that you decided to label your boxes. Imagine this: you are a business owner and have planned to pack away all the paperwork. You have more than one box. For some emergency reason, your client requires you to change something on a contract or on another official document. Now you are faced with the task of having to find your client’s relevant file amongst boxes of paperwork. This task alone could take you hours. However, by taking out mere minutes to label a box with a simple “Files, surnames A-F”, you could end up saving those hours which will allow you to stay on track with the packing and the removal overall. Now let us talk about private, home removals. You are packing away your kitchen belongings and have a few boxes all sealed and ready to be loaded. You are in the process of cooking something and have realized that you have packed away something that you should have left until the end e.g. a glass or a knife etc. A labelled box will allow you to open that specific box, retrieve the item and go about your business as normal. However, unlabeled boxes will mean that you will have to open and rummage through each box before finding your item. Labeling boxes also makes unloading easier. When you arrive at your new home, boxes can be kept in the rooms that correspond to be labels on the box e.g. “plates” can be kept in the kitchen, “toys” can be kept in the bedroom etc. This means that when it is eventually time to unpack, you have all the belongings right there in the boxes waiting for you. In some cases, you may have to keep your items in storage before you can transport them to a new location. If you ever need something out of those boxes before you are unpacking them, you will find it a lot easier to find whatever you are looking for if the boxes are labelled. Imagine how long it would take to have to go through each and every box at the storage lot to find what you are looking for. You simply cannot depend on luck alone. Above are just a few relevant reasons as to why labeling boxes is essential. Whilst many think that it is a waste of time and a hassle, in theory it is a great time saver. Remember to be as precise on labels as possible. By adding additional labels such as ‘handle with care’ you can draw attention to delicate items. 

Saving Money During The Moving Process

Moving is an expensive event to organize and to prepare for. Moving to a new home place will not only cost you the price you will pay for the purchase of the property in a more modern district in the big city you live or in the suburbs of the nice provincial town you prefer to spend the rest of your days and raise your kids. As a matter of fact, removal expense (save for the investment of the new house or a flat) may become as much as the cost of the newly bought place to move and live in. This may dissuade you to overtake a removal at once, but we recommend you not to hurry with rash decisions, which will lead to disappointment sooner or later. We actually suggest you to think twice about everything that is connected to your future removal. Considering each of the details from your plan wisely will help you deal with the situation easily and fast. Moreover – it may help you to make some savings as well. Saving during the removal process is actually possible. Take a look at our tips and discuss them with your better half – they may help you organize your removal cheaply and fairy. Good luck!

Find a budget-friendly local moving company by browsing it in the web with a particular price you are ready to pay. We are sure that at least two or three options will suit to your financial condition right now. You may do some savings by asking your friends for a van or a trunk that they may borrow to you in order to transport your personal belonging and furniture. In this case you will not pay for the additional transportation services. If you worry about getting the furniture out of your house, gather your band of brothers and assign each of the members with a particular room. As a reward give them pizza and buy them a drink later – you will mix the task with the farewell party you will have to do after all. Go to the local club and celebrate your last night out in the neighborhood or go even further with the savings – and finish the furniture eviction with a meeting at home – for the last time with your friends and with the warm home atmosphere. While collecting your things and preparing your baggage, you may do some extra savings. In order to skip the part with the expensive boxes, ask for cardboard boxes from your neighbors – they must have some, because after all they moved to their house somehow, too. In case they are not enough, use your old suitcases and tourist knap sacks – fill them with things that will not break or damage. Your clothes may be carried out on racks – this is both – cheap and wise, because later you will be happy that you should not iron them over and over again. While you are packing, consider the things you are taking with you very carefully. Some of them, for instance, are not too old and too useful enough to carry them or to toss them. Arrange a sale in front of your house and earn some extra money from your lovely neighbors – this is even better than savings, isn’t it? Be creative and prudent and saving may become even your obsession during the removal!

Make Your Business Move Easy with Business Relocation Specialists

For any business that is planning to relocate, there is a lot that has to be organized, which includes getting a removal firm in to transport everything from the old premises to the new one. It is important to ensure that as a business you use a reliable and trusted company, so you should look for reputable and reliable business relocation specialist to help make your move easier and less stressful.

Get Competitive Pricing from Quality Business Relocation Specialists

If you want to benefit from the services of reputable business relocation specialists while also enjoying competitive pricing, Pair of Guys movers could be just the removal company for your needs. Your business will receive a friendly, professional, and very reliable service from a removal company with experience and a great reputation when it comes to business relocations. In addition to this, your business can benefit from competitive pricing, enabling you to get your relocation sorted within budget.

Choosing a Right Home to Move To

Naturally, one of the most important stages of any removal process is the research most of all because by it you determine where and what your next home will be. First of all, you need to remember one simple rule about selecting your new home-house or apartment and it is that your new place needs to better than your old one in basically every way. It is not a difficult thing to achieve and pretty much if this is not the case it is rather more or less pointless to do the removal. A removal is made in order for you to start fresh but start better and in order to be certain that you will live better your home has to be naturally better.

Now, remember that throughout the searching for property period you will start with composing a list with possible properties and then you will continue to develop it by cutting it down slowly and slowly until you select the winner and the very first factor which will determine your final choice is your finances. Select a home which you will be able to buy, afford and support. If you don’t you will in all likelihood lead a more difficult life in it than you led in your old one and you shouldn’t allow this to happen under any circumstance.

Afterwards, when you are making the decision for the right location of your place you need to consider how safe it is. If there are any reports on some local gangs, or criminal activity or lots of burglars or thieves reported throughout the year or corrupted cops or any sort of illegal activity famous for the area you should simply avoid those areas and remove them from your possible new home list immediately. Even if you manage to avoid them for some time sooner or later you or even worse, your children will need to collide with them. Simply discard the dangerous areas-it is much better to choose a place with dangerous weather conditions, or dangerous living conditions of any kind, rather than a place with dangerous people.

Then, you need to most definitely consider the potential of the living place connected with further development of your career and financial success. This is quite important because unless you find better job opportunities first, you act of relocating might start to look like a mistake to you and second, you just might be able to live in a better home but when you actually receive less money for a not better job the situation more or less will be the very same as it was in your old home and that would be rather disappointing. So in your new living place you need to find a better or at least an improved career.

The very same goes for your children. Education is what you need to provide for them right after they are old enough and begin to exit the fragile children age. If there are no strong educational facilities in the area you must not choose that area. Of course in any self-respecting living region with proper conditions there must be good educational facilities but with some they are farther away so you also need to consider if a learning facility that is far away good enough to be worth the road and the price for example.

And last but not least, make sure that the area is fun and that you and your beloved people living alongside you will have enough fun in order not to sorry for moving in that place.

What Questions to Ask in Connection with Moving Your House

People who are planning to move house often have large amounts of items to be moved to the new home. These items typically comprise fragile ones, bulky and heavy furniture items, and a number of small items that have to be sorted into categories in order to afford the owners the ease of unpacking and laying out of the items in the new home.

People who are moving their house for the first time would like to know what questions to ask in order to obtain the information they need, to be able to choose the right removal company, or to assess whether they can carry out the removal on their own.

Naturally, the most important question to be asked by people looking for removal services should be to inquire about the price. Prices vary according to the scope of removal activities to be carried out, as well as according to the distance over which the household belongings are to be transported. By asking several removal companies, browsing quotes online, and asking friends who have already moved house and have some experience, people can decide on the removal company that offers the best rates for them.

The length of time that the removal activities are expected to take should be another item of information to ask about. Beware of companies that will intentionally underestimate or understate the required time it takes for moving.

Packing is another matter to inquire about in detail. To preserve the appearance and good condition of the furniture, dishes, decorations, etc. to be transported to the new home, good packing is essential. When all the items are packed sufficiently well, using the best materials which prevent damaging, scratching, breaking, etc., they are certain to arrive in the new home intact.

Yet in the course of the packing and the transportation some household items can suffer slight damage, and to be certain that their items are adequately protected, people should ask about the insurance during the removal project.

Atlanta movers should also envision a possibility of not being able to obtain the keys to their new home on time, for reasons that are not in their power. Then they should ask the removal company they are planning to hire what should be done in the event that everything has been adequately packed and ready to be moved, but on the day the removal activities and transportation are to start they may be unable to provide the keys to the new home, and as a result the removal technicians cannot take the household items inside their new home.

Of course, people may also be interested in other details related to the preparation and the carrying out of the removal activities by removal companies. But the above mentioned questions are the most important ones to be asked to enable people to gain an adequate understanding of what their removal project will be like and how they should choose the removal company that best meets their needs.

What You Need to Know Before Moving

Moving is without a doubt one of the biggest and most important steps in life one can take. Many people are excited by the idea to live in a new area, new town, or even in a new country. However, others feel nothing less than fear from the unknown. In other words, a serious step like this requires a lot of planning and consideration. There are way too many things that have to thought over and over again, so decisions concerning a move should not and cannot be taken overnight. You will have to think about all the changes that a possible move will bring. Remember that there is no turning back, once you’ve made the change. Or even if there is an option to go back, it will have to do with lots of additional expenses, so ask yourself these important questions before you undertake anything.

Are there good job opportunities ?
Everybody’s life depends on his/her incomes, so this aspect is of vital importance. Do some thorough research to see in what condition the labor market is and whether there is a demand for people with your qualifications.

The cost of living?
This has, to a great extent, a lot to do with the first question. The place doesn’t need to be super cheap, but it also shouldn’t go to the other extreme, making you barely make ends meet. After all, your new hometown needs to make you feel comfortable. Learn if you will be able to afford living there. If the answer is ‘no’, postpone moving or simply choose a different destination.

What your family thinks about it?
Bear in mind that this is not an individual decision. Talk things over with the other members of your family. Don’t be selfish. If you have already decided on a certain place/house, make something like a family meeting, sit together as a family and consider both the pros and cons. Will your children be able to adjust to the new surrounding, to find new friends, etc. There are many other factors than “I want to move”.

Is it a safe neighborhood you are moving to?
Another very important thing for you to consider. If safety is not important, then what is? You will have to do your best to ensure your family’s safety and even to make some compromises if you have to. Gather a lot of information about the neighborhood you will be living. You can contact the local police department to ask about criminal rates in the past couple of years. Asking around the locals is also a smart option. They can give you a first-hand experience.

How much is the moving going to cost you?
Last, but definitely not least, you will have to take into deep consideration the overall price you are about to pay. Will you be able to afford it? Have you hired the most reliable and efficient removal company? Can you save money by doing some things on your own? These are all questions that need answers.