Making Your Move Succeed with a Little Planning

A relocation to a new home or office requires vast amounts of effort, organization, resources management, and time. You will have to keep on top of every part of the process, completing it properly and thoroughly with time to spare. All of this won’ be easy, but it can be made much simpler if you are prepared foe everything. With a little know how and preparation you relocation can be a successes, as you will soon discover.

You won’t be able to handle your move if you lack all the necessary knowledge. There are many things you must manage and each one will require you to know how toe perform each one of them correctly. This sis why you must research the process as much as possible, by looking at different websites and talking to acquaintances who have recently moved. Learn what others did, how they perfumed each task, how many boxes and much wrapping material they needed, how long it took to complete and so on. This can give you the perspective you need, allowing you to plan adequately. The more familiar you become with the task, the easier you will be able to complete things on time and without a problem, and if such a difficulty occurs, you will have an idea of the solution. Having confidence in you move is a sure fire way of it succeeding.

Looking into and talking with removal firms can help you enormously. These firms will have people on their website and on the phones who can deliver all the advice and information, you could ever need. Contact them and see how they can help you, hopefully giving you tips and guidance for free. Ask them all the questions you have because no one will have better answers than they will. While here, you should ask them bout the services they carry out and how they can help you. Having a moving firm handle one or all of your moving chores will also help make things straightforward so see what they offer. Try to get exactly what you need and don’t take on any service that is unnecessary. To ensure this and a good deal, request a free, quote, if it needs no commitment.

A schedule is a good way of keeping your move running smoothly. Assigning each chore to certain days and items will help give you enough time to get everything done and prevent your from forgetting to do a process. You can use it to prioritize important aspects and ensure they are given the time needed. By having a rota you will also enable you to assign different errands to the people who live or work in your abode. By doing so, the process will be completed quickly and everyone knows what they should be doing. With more people on the job, it will go quickly, and if everyone knows what they are doing and when, it will be done efficiently and without difficulty.

Obtaining all the goods you need beforehand also ensures that you can go through the process smoothly. Sorting you goods, working out how many materials you need and then buying them means that you can complete all of your packing in no time. You may need certain items for specific task so having them in advance will be a huge benefit. At this point, you should also look into and book the services you need such as transportation and storage.

A little planning and preparation can go along way, so consider all this for your move.


Moving should not be difficult when you use a great moving company.

The fever of excitement at moving a house can only really be dampened by the realization that you have to actually move house! The fact of the matter is, if you want to enjoy your new place, you are going to have to get all of your stuff there and that is a massive job in itself! Getting everything that you own from A to B near metro Atlanta is not an easy task, and you may well be worried about how you are going to go about such a thing, as there are so many different things that need sorting if you are going to get everything done on time and in the right way. What you really need for a successful removal is a company who deal with such things day in day out, and who are willing to hep you out at every turn with the process, and in a great removals company you should be able to find that rather easily. Sure, it can be difficult finding the right removals company, but from then on it is not an issue, as a great company will be able to make your move that little bit simpler by taking the reigns are sorting everything out for you. Take a look at what to look out for when you are choosing your company.

First off is customer service. if a company does not feel like you are important enough to treat in a polite manner, then they are unlikely to treat your belongings well as well. This may seem obvious, but in fact it is the best way to whittle down a selection of what will likely be hundreds of removals companies in your area. Being able to get on with the firm who are in charge of moving everything that you own is vital, so you should be able to talk easily and in a friendly manner with them on the phone. In a way, there is little that can not be solved if you feel like you are on the same page as the head of your removals team, so make sure you ask to talk to this person before you make any decisions on who you will choose for the job. Meeting the team is important as well, as the company need to get a good idea as to what you are like, and what the job entails. You should do a house visit so that everyone is fully aware of what they are dealing with at all times. This will massively reduce the amount of potential surprises that are in store for the team, no one wants to get to a job and find that the workload that they were expecting as actually double in reality, so be sure that everyone is well aware of the nature of the job.

Looking online at reviews sites will give you a decent insight as to how companies have performed in the past, so they are certainly valuable. In a way you are getting friendly recommendations, but on a larger scale where you can look at averages as well as one off comments. These sorts of stats are very useful in working out how well you will be treated by the firms that you are considering, so combining this information with a decent dose of character evaluation over the phone and in person, and you should be well set towards finding the right Georgia moving company for you.

Top Five Packing Materials Needed for Moving Homes

The time has come to move home. You’ve got your new house or flat locked down. You’ve paid all your security deposits, informed your landlord you are moving out or have successfully sold your current home. Your next course of action should be planning how you are going to move all your belongings to your new home. For this, you’ll need to know what materials you will need to transport your goods. This is a list of the essential materials needed to ensure any efficient and swift move.

1. Boxes

You will, needless to say, need vessels to transport your belongings. The most cheapest and common vessel is the humble cardboard box. A sturdy cardboard box will be able to transport your goods with no problems, provide you do not pack all of your heaviest, densest items in the same box. Cardboard boxes should be available for free. Cumming Georgia has many large supermarkets and big commercial stores that have a surplus of boxes that they need to get rid of. Simply ask at the desk whether they have any, and if they do they will surely oblige your needs. If not, boxes can be bought in office supply stores or from your moving company. If you feel you may need these boxes in the near future, you can always buy cardboard boxes that can be deconstructed, then reconstructed.

2. Bubble-wrap

Moving can be a hazardous process. Carrying heavy boxes to and from the van can take its physical toll on you. As such, accidents can happen, such as dropping or banging the boxes against hard surfaces. They way to ensure your items safety in this case is to use man’s oldest friend – bubble-wrap. Bubble-wrap, again, is a modestly priced commodity. It can purchased from any good hardware or office supply store. Do not use it on all of your belongings; just you’re most valuable and delicate items. It also provides something for your small nippers to play with whilst you move. We all know how much fun bubble-wrap is as a kid. It’s even fun as an adult. But you have to pack, don’t lose focus by spending hours satisfying your bubble-popping desires.

3. Plastic Containers

To transport you heavier items, sometimes cardboard boxes aren’t sufficient enough. Pack them too heavily and the bottom will more than likely give way to the weight it’s carrying. Large plastic containers, like boxes and bubble-wrap are modestly prices. Also like boxes and bubble-wrap, they can be purchased from any good hardware or office supply store. Unlike cardboard boxes, then can used again if you plan to move homes in the near future. Furthermore, if you have the space in your new home, these plastic containers can be used as storage containers.

4. Mattress protection

Chances are that if you are moving your mattress outside to the van and then removing it from the van to your new home, it may touch the grubby floor of the outside world. This problem is easily adverted. Simply buy a mattress protector from any large supermarket to protect it from getting dirty as a result of the move.

5. Removal Blankets

Just as your mattress can get dirty, so can your other belongings. Removal blankets can be bought from any good hardware store or online, and their sole purpose is to protect your goods from any dirty, dust, scratches or dents during the move.

Moving Day Preparations and Tips

As time goes by, moving is something that happens far too often to be ignored. For the most part, it is something that happens out of necessity, rather than whim, often due to changing work opportunities, education and marital status. Regardless of where you’re moving to, you will have to deal with a good deal of planning before you get things done. This article will give you some useful hints and tips so you can prepare well enough.

Lets begin with the first one:

* Insurance and value

One of the first things you will have to address when you start your moving preparations is to take care of the safety of your belongings. The majority of moving companies out there offer their own insurance, but it will very rarely cover the entire value of your what you own. Such insurance policies usually cover the overall weight instead, giving you only a partial solution in case of trouble. Make sure you check with your chosen company of your own insurance company on possible solutions. The last thing you want is a car crash occurring where you won’t be able to receive an adequate refunding on any lost items.

* Doing the packing

The best way to handle things is to give yourself more than enough time before the day of moving arrives. This will help you cut down stress as well as letting you focus on everything. If you’re in a hurry, the chances of you overlooking something will rise exponentially. You should minimize these risks by acting before things happen. Make sure you take all valuables and important papers with you, as these will be much safer with you. Moving companies will not take these with them either way, since it is part of their core business policies. In many cases companies will also offer you the chance to pack your belongings for you at an affordable fee, so you can count on them for that as well.

* The importance of labels

It may be something simple, but it sure does a great job at keeping things organized if you’re careful and persistent about it. A good inventory list, combined with said labeling will allow you to leave things exactly where they are supposed to go once the moving truck arrives. Make sure you put down any other notes, such as fragile content and so on.

* Hiring the moving company

The act of hiring a good pair of guys movers requires you to do a good bit of research before you can rest easy. A good company may not exactly be the cheapest out there, so keep in mind that their professionalism may need to be tested before you hire them. Check online for companies with positive reviews that show they can be trusted, but beware of all positive reviews since no moving company is 100% perfect. If the company is a member of mover’s associations or organizations, this will also be a good sign they are experienced and take things seriously. Any prices will have to be final as you sign the contract. Make sure you don’t sign until you are certain everything you were promised is written down in the contract, prices and all.

How to move and store your Piano

Moving a piano can be a very demanding part of moving home, and you may even consider sending it into storage to be dealt with separately after you have moved the rest of your household items. Due to their nature, even slight scratches or impacts can seriously damage your instrument, not only decreasing the value but making them unplayable in some cases. Bearing this in mind, there are a few approaches that you can take to ensure your instrument reaches your new home in good condition, whether you plan on moving it with the rest of your items or placing it in storage.

Moving and lifting a piano

Most instruments will have wheels on the bottom of the legs, which means you will be able to maneuver your piano around the house fairly easily. However, you should always make sure you have help, as they are very heavy, even to push. Before you start moving or lifting the piano, make sure that any loose elements of the instrument are secure. Close and lock the keyboard lid, as well as the fall board. If you have a an old sheet or cover, then this should be put over the instrument before you start moving it around too, to prevent any scratches and so on. In order to actually lift a piano safely, it’s recommended that you have a minimum of 4 people instead of just using a pair of guys before you try. Ideally, you might want your moving company to deal with this, but due to the very delicate nature of pianos, some people prefer to do it themselves to makes sure they are not damaged. The best approach will vary depending on the kind of piano you have. Generally, upright pianos are not quite as heavy, and have no legs so can be a bit easier to handle. A grand piano, on the other hand, will be much heavier and unwieldy due to its shape. A good solution that can be applied to both, is to use a sturdy loading trolley, and lie the instrument down on this. You will of course, have to get it down any stairs without the trolley. For a grand piano, you may want to remove the legs when it comes to loading and moving the instrument, as this will not only prevent any damage to the legs during lifting, but cut down on the space requirements when it comes to loading too.

Storing a piano

Sometimes it may be easier or preferable to simply store your instrument while you get the move out of the way, and pick it up afterwards. This does have the benefit of avoiding the rush of moving day, where it may get scratched or damaged by accident, as you will have to focus on lots of other things not just the piano. Before you move your piano to storage, it can be a good idea to make sure you give it a thorough clean, wiping down the instrument carefully and making sure it’s as free of dust as possible. When it comes to storage options, you may feel more comfortable having it in a friends house (if they have the space). This can be a good option because you know the instrument will be in a similar environment to your own, and may get some use too, which can help keep it in good condition. Storage facilities are equally viable of course, although an additional cost. Do make sure that wherever you choose has a temperature regulated container, as a very high or low temperature will cause warping and damage.

How to unpack your bedroom

Unpacking your belongings can be time consuming and boring, as packing can be. Boxes appear to spread like kudzu all over your home, but by applying some principles, you can make the task less tedious. The basic principle to remember is to start unpacking according to the room that the belongings belong to. So unpack all kitchen items together and all bedroom items together etc. Another tip is to ensure that all your belongings get put away as soon as they leave the cardboard box. Taking them out of the box and keeping them on the side is going to create double the mess: first from all the boxes and then with all of the items. When it comes to unpacking your bedroom, there are a few things that make it easier and less time consuming, which is exactly what you want after going through the removal stage. This article aims to highlight the best way in which you can unpack your bedroom. The first thing to do is be logical about it all. There is no use unpacking all of the smaller items if the shelves, bookcases or wardrobe has not been set up. It is therefore always recommended that you start off by sorting out the larger items that would go in the bedroom such as the wardrobes, beds, dressers etc. If your furniture items were previously dismantled, you are going to have to assemble them again. It is always recommended that you check the instruction manuals if you can still get a hold of them. If not, always ensure that you are absolutely sure that you know what you are doing. Once all of the furniture has been assembled, it is always recommended that you give all of you belongings a good wipe down using disinfectant to ensure that your items are fresh and clean before you put anything away. Also ensure that you wipe down any existing surfaces in the bedroom e.g. window sills etc. Now, you can start unpacking all of the smaller items. Remember to keep all packaging materials together to avoid making a mess. Clothes may or may not have to be ironed before you can put them back in the wardrobes. This of course depends on how you packed your clothes in the first place. If you did not de clutter whilst packing, then this is your second chance. Get rid of anything that you do not use, want or like. Not only will it save your space, but it will also allow you to get through the unpacking process a lot quicker. Once you have finished unpacking all of your bedroom belongings, you may need to give your bedroom another clean. You may find that bits of paper, bubble wrap, Styrofoam or cardboard on the floor. You may want to give the bedroom a quick hoover to clear all those bits up. Similarly, you may wish to spray the room with air freshener, or set up a few candles to get the room smelling like ‘you’ rather than just an empty room. Unpacking your bedroom does not have to be a daunting task if it is done logically and slowly. Remember that by rushing you are more likely to have accidents or get things wrong. Take regular breaks to keep yourself motivated and give yourself those little boosts of energy that you will most definitely need. Once your bedroom has been unpacked, you can start unpacking all of the other rooms. It may seem like a tedious task to do, but once it is all done you can truly start enjoying your new home.

5 Money saving tips when moving home

A relocation can get expensive fast. There are many additional costs aside from simply hiring a removal company, but some are not as essential as others, and you may be able to comfortably do without some altogether, reducing the cost of your move. Below are 5 tips that can make sure you aren’t breaking the bank when moving to your new home.

Set a moving budget

Before you start planning your move, set yourself a realistic budget, and have a good think about what kind of services are going to be essential to your move. Anything you can do without, such as packing services (see below) will mean that you can allocate funds more effectively. The main thing to remember is to do your best to stick to your budget. Be realistic, don’t set it too low or high, and try to give yourself financial breathing room in case anything goes wrong or unexpected circumstances arise on moving day.

Do your own packing

Although this might seem like a hassle, especially if you have lots of stuff to pack, it can be fairly straight forward and simple if approached correctly. Hiring a packing service is an additional cost you can easily do without with a little planning. The main thing to do is make some kind of packing plan. You should aim to try and get something packed every day, and start at least a month in advance. You can begin by packing non essentials and things that are not used very often, such as valuable glassware that you keep for special occasions and so on. This way, as moving day approaches you will have most of your packing done, stress free and without incurring any additional moving expenses. Sell old or unwanted household items By getting rid of old clutter, you’re not only making the packing a lot easier, as you’ll have less to do, but actually creating additional funds to help with the moving costs, so it’s a win win situation. You can try selling these items at local fetes or car boot sales, and the internet is also a quick and easy option if you need to sell things off fast. If you having trouble selling anything though, and moving day is fast approaching, or you simply want to get rid of certain items, then consider passing them on to your local charity shop, who will normally pick up any heavy goods for you too.

Get packing goods for free

Buying in packing supplies can be an additional expense that you can easily avoid and get quality packing boxes for free. While you should still invest in some decent packing tape and a Stanley knife if you don’t have them already (they are fairly cheap to get hold of and commonly available, as well as being useful for other household DIY), boxes can be acquired at no cost whatsoever. Simply check with your local grocer or supermarket to get any boxes from their deliveries. They will only be thrown out anyway and they are often all too happy to give you them for free.

Get the best deal from your movers

Don’t just book the first Georgia moving company you come across. Try asking friends or family local in the Atlanta area if they recommend any good moving companies, as you can often find the best value this way. You can also search online and in your local phone directory. Either way, once you have a handful of companies chosen, call around and compare quotes. This will help you get an idea of pricing and find the best value for money.  Watch out for unnecessary travel fees for local moves. Pair Of Guys Movers has no additional travel fees for local jobs.

You’ve moved to your new place, now let’s meet the neighbors!

It is true that you should be the one, that needs to be considered as “new”, when it comes down to your relocating to a new neighborhood, place and environment. But for your own comfort you need to consider the people you meet there as new as well. After all, relocating these days is something awfully ever present and with so many people moving constantly from one place to another it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore and it shouldn’t make any difference. The point is that you need to start feeling home as fast as possible and for that you need to get in contact with the local people so that they can embrace you as part of their environment. There are several ways you can start up new connections and new relationships. Some of them are drastic, others are shyer, but whatever you eventually choose, you can be certain that it will lead to no harm. Usually drastic ways of approaching people only quicken the process and the relationships so, perhaps, the sooner the better. Some people simply throw an arrival party at the very moment they have stepped on their feet, arranged their new home and are ready to start their new life at the new living place. This way you will certainly become quite familiar and famous within the neighborhood especially if it is a quieter one. Basically, you can do it with the fame way. You don’t have to know people in order to be able to count on their help. If you are well-known and for not bad things and if you choose to ask nicely, you can be sure you will receive a lot of positive replies. For one, it always makes a good impression if a famous person turns out to be good when known in person. If you don’t feel like throwing a big party what you can then do is to simply knock on your closest neighbor’s door and introduce yourself and so you will estimate at first sight who what type of person is and how would he or she reacts according to your new arrival. Usually the first impression is very much truthful and can tell you a lot but sometimes it also very much depends upon the person’s ability to easily socialize. Furthermore, feel free to welcome people into your home. Of course make sure that after the removal process is completed everything is properly dusted out and cleaned but even if it is not that wouldn’t really necessarily give the wrong idea to people. Maybe you are just too eager to meet new people and you don’t mind letting them see your home from an early stage. Even more, you might pretend or actually ask for advice regarding some sort of interior arrangement and this will show other people that you are indeed friendly and you are a good person and if somebody starts knowing you even before you have properly settled in the roots of a good neighborhood friendship can be very easily established and set up. Finally, when you have gotten a taste of everyone’s character make sure you concentrate upon the good ones. You need to be very lucky in order not to come across somebody who is hostile to you. Simply ignore these people without paying too much attention to them and concentrate on your new potential friends. All in all, socializing in your new neighborhood and living place is important for the establishment of your life there and the feeling that you are already home and ready to start something brand new and fresh.


Different Ways To Use Self Storage Facilities

The main purpose of self storage units is as you can guess…is to store your things. Some units have a staff to take care of your things but this also increases the price while other facilities you can handle by yourself. This means that you are going to deal with your items storage by yourself without the help of other people. People are used to storing items in self storage units only when they are moving from one place to another. But the truth is that you can use them in many different ways. As most of the self storage facilities have high levels of security with cameras, security systems and locks you can keep your items there when your home becomes too overloaded. In the self storage unit you can store items you do not regularly use but still will need at some time in the future. This could be either unnecessary pieces of furniture, moving boxes and items, your wedding dress and clothing it is not likely you will ever wear again but cannot just throw away. Of course, before placing the items make sure to check whether the facility has high levels of climate control so that you can be sure your things will not be damaged by sudden unexpected weather changes. Self storage units are also a great way to keep your seasonal clothes such as coats, boots, etc. These items are too large to keep in your place and you will not need them for a whole season. So why don’t you store them in a self storage facility? You can use movers to help move into a mini self storage unit to keep important documents and valuables that you want to be placed in a secure place. As bank safes are extremely expensive you can simply hire a mini self storage facility. They are not that expensive and have the same levels of security. You can be surprised but self storage units are a wonderful means for small businesses. These facilities are the best choice when you are moving your office. You can hire the most suitable self storage unit size depending on the number and size of your items. Only one large self storage unit is quite enough to store all of your office stuff. Another clever and yet unexpected way of using small self storage facilities in Atlanta is for a short period of time when you have arrangements to handle. These facilities can be found in almost any public place and are extremely helpful when you have to leave your items somewhere for a couple of hours. It is as simple as 1-2-3 – leave your luggage, lock the unit, take the key. And then go either to the gym, to a coffee with friends or anywhere you’d like. And when you are ready simply go back to the unit and take your things.

What You Need to Know Before Moving

Moving is without a doubt one of the biggest and most important steps in life one can take. Many people are excited by the idea to live in a new area, new town, or even in a new country. However, others feel nothing less than fear from the unknown. In other words, a serious step like this requires a lot of planning and consideration. There are way too many things that have to thought over and over again, so decisions concerning a move should not and cannot be taken overnight. You will have to think about all the changes that a possible move will bring. Remember that there is no turning back, once you’ve made the change. Or even if there is an option to go back, it will have to do with lots of additional expenses, so ask yourself these important questions before you undertake anything.

Are there good job opportunities ?
Everybody’s life depends on his/her incomes, so this aspect is of vital importance. Do some thorough research to see in what condition the labor market is and whether there is a demand for people with your qualifications.

The cost of living?
This has, to a great extent, a lot to do with the first question. The place doesn’t need to be super cheap, but it also shouldn’t go to the other extreme, making you barely make ends meet. After all, your new hometown needs to make you feel comfortable. Learn if you will be able to afford living there. If the answer is ‘no’, postpone moving or simply choose a different destination.

What your family thinks about it?
Bear in mind that this is not an individual decision. Talk things over with the other members of your family. Don’t be selfish. If you have already decided on a certain place/house, make something like a family meeting, sit together as a family and consider both the pros and cons. Will your children be able to adjust to the new surrounding, to find new friends, etc. There are many other factors than “I want to move”.

Is it a safe neighborhood you are moving to?
Another very important thing for you to consider. If safety is not important, then what is? You will have to do your best to ensure your family’s safety and even to make some compromises if you have to. Gather a lot of information about the neighborhood you will be living. You can contact the local police department to ask about criminal rates in the past couple of years. Asking around the locals is also a smart option. They can give you a first-hand experience.

How much is the moving going to cost you?
Last, but definitely not least, you will have to take into deep consideration the overall price you are about to pay. Will you be able to afford it? Have you hired the most reliable and efficient removal company? Can you save money by doing some things on your own? These are all questions that need answers.