Downgrading the size of your Home

Consider what Self-storage can do for you It is not uncommon for people to feel the need to move into a small home. Maybe your kids have moved out, perhaps you are selling your home in order to play the market and need a temporary property to live, or perhaps you just want to cash out on your big property and move into a small one in order to maximize your disposable income. Whatever your reason, the chances are if you are moving from a larger home into a smaller one, there won’t be enough storage space in your new home. If you try and fit all your items from your old, larger home into your smaller, new one, you’ll either be out of storage space for anything else you buy from then on, or you’ll be cramped for space as items take up space in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and hallways. Luckily, there is a solution for you, and that solution is self-storage. Self-storage companies allow you to hire out whatever space you need for a cheap rate. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, with massive self-storage complexes popping up all over the place up and down the country. One of the key benefits of self-storage is the security they provide. If you’re having to wriggle and carefully maneuver yourself to and from every room in your home because you’re scared that externally storing your now household obstacles won’t be secure, then put that fear to rest straight away. Self-storage companies, especially the massive complexes, have the most up-to-date security systems: round the clock guards, CCTV, fencing, alarms, electric security keys are just a few security features to name. In fact, storing your items externally will often mean they are safer there than they would be at home. Another reservation about using a self-storage unit is that you won’t have round the clock access to it. Although the possessions you store shouldn’t be items you need on a daily basis, you will from time-to-time require what you store. Almost all self-storage companies will be open 7 days a week for 12 hours a day. Many will have 24/7 access. So if you decide you need something from your storage, and its 3am on a Sunday, no matter what company you use, you should have access to your things whenever you need them. Another benefit of self-storage is the flexibility they offer. If one week you need 75 square-foot, but the next week you only 25, then self-storage companies will be flexible to your needs. Almost all self-storage companies near Atlanta and throughout Georgia will offer contracts by the week or even the day, and you can just renew it every week. Alternatively, if you need storage for 6 months, a year or longer, then most companies will offer discounts for contracts of this length. To put bluntly, if you are downsizing home and don’t want to bin your items, then you may have no choice but to hire out a self-storage unit. But this shouldn’t feel like a choice that you are forced into – the service provided is extremely flexible, modestly priced and secure. Unless you are working to an extremely tight budget, then hiring out a self-storage unit will mean your floors are clear, your cabinets are empty, and your loft isn’t full to bursting. If you require direct vehicle access to your self-storage unit, then outdoor units could be your answer – they allow you to drive straight up to your unit to ensure that heavy items can be just picked up and put in the vehicle with ease. Whatever your circumstance, but especially if you are considering downsizing, then you should consider hiring a moving company like Pair Of Guys Movers to have the job done efficiently and correctly.

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