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Q. “What makes Pair Of Guys Movers different from the other guys?”
A.  This is an excellent question and one we are asked daily. We have shopped the competition. Here is what we found:

Insured and licensed with the Georgia Public Service Commission According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution: “47 percent of in-state moving companies advertising in metro Atlanta do not have the required state license”. Many of these companies not only are operating illegally, but are also not insured. The article is archived HERE
No hidden charges While nearly all moving companies have travel fees, many moving companies begin charging you their hourly rates from the time their movers leave their office, or they’ll tack on an arrival fee to come out to your property. This fee generally is in the range of $80-$150. Pair Of Guys Movers is the ONLY professionally licensed and legally operating mover in Georgia which does not have arrival fees. The typical cost charged by other companies for stretch wrapping is $10 for each item wrapped. With Pair Of Guys Movers, stretch wrapping is always included FREE. Some movers charge extra for using their truck, moving fragile items, disassembly/reassembly, long walks, going up and down stairs, appliance moving, etc. Many times those “too good to be true” price quotes are just that…a limited time promotional rate which increases during the move. Our studies on the competition show this is especially true for weekend jobs. If you do choose another company, be especially cautious around the infamous “$89 per hour special”. Not all companies explain all of their costs and charges up front in order to make their rates look more appealing. Bear this in mind when comparing one moving company to another. Pair Of Guys Movers has NO hidden charges. Plus, we stand behind our word by putting it in writing which you’ll receive via a confirmation email within 72 hours from when you booked your appointment with us. In comparison, other movers will wait till the day they show up to show you their agreement hoping you won’t notice the fine print. No other moving company offers transparent pricing quite like we do.
We use our own Movers and Drivers Many use inexperienced casual labor or temporary labor. This is especially true of larger companies that utilize casual labor for moves which occur further away from their headquarters.
Experienced, professional, local office staff Varies. Most likely you’ll reach a call center in a different state and communicate with individuals that have never participated on an actual move.
Large 26-foot box trucks Varies. Beware of the moving companies that “run out of the large trucks” on the day of your move, resulting in a small truck, several trips and charges associated with each trip made, and much more time spent moving.
Free EXACTimates from an actual experienced mover. No pressure to buy. Appointment setters often have a quota to meet, or receive a commission on each new appointment produced. This is often why the deal-breaking extra charges are not completely disclosed. Most of the time appointment setters have never participated on an actual move, so it’s a good idea to interview the representative and ask plenty of questions. When calling for moving quotes, bear in mind that it’s common practice in the moving industry to underestimate costs. Since state regulations require moving companies to be paid by the hour and not by the job, a moving company trying to beat the competition will intentionally underestimate the job or give an inflated flat rate. The company with the lower estimate will almost always cost more in the end than the company with the accurate estimate.
We can move all of your items, or just the items you specify. You are in complete control of your move at all times. Other companies use an “all or nothing” approach. They will move either all your items or none at all. Beware of companies that charge a separate fee for each item.
Same day shipping. The truck is reserved exclusively for your move. Fuel costs are one of the most expensive operating costs for moving companies. It’s no wonder why so many combine shipments. However, the downside to this is lost items, fuel surcharges, and delivery delays.
Low 2 hour minimum for weekday residential moves. 3, 4 and 5 hour minimums are not uncommon. Those minimums are required regardless if you actually use all of that time or not. Choosing a mover with high minimums will cost you an average of 55-85% more for smaller projects.

Q. “When will I receive my belongings?”
A. On the same day. Unlike other moving companies, our truck is reserved exclusively for your move. We never combine shipments, which ensures your items will be delivered directly to you.

Q. “When I moved with company X last time, they charged upwards of $10 for each item that was stretch wrapped. That quickly added up and it was on top of their labor costs. How is Pair Of Guys Movers different?”
A. This is where most companies get away with giving you that “too good to be true” hourly rate. Pair Of Guys Movers never charges extra for stretch wrapping and/or blanketing your items. When you hire a moving company, we understand your goal is to get the job done right and in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. We don’t complicate the moving process by charging extra fees for stretchwrap We’ve always believed stretchwrap and blankets should be included as part of the move.

When it comes to moving, there’s only one shot at getting it done right. No moving company understands that more than Pair Of Guys Movers.

Q. “Last time I moved with company X, they ended up charging me 4 times more than the price I was quoted. How is Pair Of Guys Movers different?”
A.  We don’t estimate your job based on the total weight. Instead, we have a far more
accurate system in place. We take into account what’s being moved, the accessibility
at each location, and how many rooms you’d like to have moved to determine crew size. We don’t penalize you for adding on standard last minute items, and since our rates are hourly, the total weight of your items does not affect your price, allowing you complete control of your move at all times.
It’s all too common in the moving industry for a company to approach you with an attractive weight estimate only to later say the weight of your items was much more than anticipated and demand payment above and beyond what you agreed to. You will also be paying the additional weight of the fuel for the truck, since trucks are weighed with near empty tanks.
Pair Of Guys Movers does not operate in that manor, nor do we plan to in the future.

Q. “What measures are taken to secure my items while in the truck?
A. For starters, the moving blankets we use are the thickest in the industry. They are specially designed to absorb shock and prevent furniture from rubbing up against other items. We also use ratchet straps to secure items, not the rubber cords with exposed steel hooks like other companies use. All of our trucks are equipped with upgraded
air-ride suspension, ensuring a smooth ride.

Q. “Do I need to empty my dresser drawers?”
A.  Clothing should be removed and packed into boxes. Any other items other than clothing should also be removed. Please leave the drawers inside of furniture.

Q. “What if it rains during my move?”
A.  We will proceed with your move. Please be aware there may be slight delays as the movers take extra precautions while moving.

Q. “Do you charge per each item moved?”
A.  Absolutely not. We offer competitive hourly rates and if you have a limited budget, you’ll love the fact that we allow all of our clients to control the length of their move by specifying which items they would like us to move.

Q. Everything sounds great, but I am still undecided if I should use
Pair Of Guys Movers or Company “X” ?

A. Please view this video from Fox 5 news. You should also watch this video,
and then contact us at

Give us a try. You’ll notice the difference right away.