Helping your young child adjust to moving

Getting children excited about moving house can be troublesome. Such a big change can be earth-shattering for a kid, especially if it means they’ll be leaving behind their friends and school. Children won’t always understand the necessity of moving house, and so they can often feel as though their opinions don’t matter. Here are some ways you can ease the moving process for your little ones. 1) Involve them! Try to let the children be as involved as possible. Bring them along to house-viewings and get their opinions. Though they won’t understand the financial side of moving house, it’s important that they get to see their potential new home. 2) Cleaning house. Your child may struggle when it comes to clearing out some of their old possessions. Give them a helping hand when it comes to deciding on what to keep and what to throw. If you yourself are selling items, it might be worth offering a similar option to your kids. Let them sort through their toys and clothes in piles for donation or for selling. Take them to a car-boot or jumble sale if you don’t think they’ll fetch much online, and let your son or daughter keep their money! This is a great way to get your kids excited about de-cluttering their home. 3) Decorating. If there’s one thing children like it’s getting messy, and the prospect of decorating can be exciting to a kid – especially if it’s their room that’s getting a makeover! Sit down with your child and plan to decorate their new bedroom. If money isn’t an option consider wallpaper, flooring, and furniture designed for children to get them excited about moving house. If you haven’t got the funds to stretch to that, don’t fret! You can easily use paint, accessories and wall-stickers to decorate a room on a budget. If you’re planning on decorating yourself, get the kids involved and make a day of it! Don’t limit your children’s input to their room only – let them have a say in the design of the whole house. If they haven’t quite got a knack for interior decorating, just try to include them in the process. Take them to look at wallpaper samples and paint swatches while listening to their opinions. 4) Exploring your new area. Kids can struggle to adjust to a new neighborhood or town, so make sure you take the time to explore with them. Find out where your local park, swimming pool and library might be and spend time with them there. For younger children, research into classes and courses that your child might be interested in taking. This is a great idea to boost socialization skills and help your child make friends quickly. 5) Saying goodbye. One of the most difficult parts of moving house for a child is having to say goodbye to school friends and neighbors. Help ease the stress by planning a leaving party for your friends, your children’s friends and your neighbors as well. Get the kids involved with the planning too! Make the event as family-friendly as possible and let your children say a proper goodbye. Saying farewell to your best friend can be a horrible experience for a child, so exchange contact details with some of your son or daughter’s best friends’ parents. It can’t hurt to see them at future birthday parties or get-togethers!

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