Moving boxes – To buy or not to buy

When moving home or business there is one thing you are going to need in abundance. Boxes. Large or small, cardboard or plastic, they are all useful when it comes to relocating to another property. However, with the economic climate meaning many are watching what they spend and the environmental experts encouraging recycling, many face a dilemma when it comes to sourcing their moving boxes. When discussing moving with friends many will suggest popping down to your local supermarket and picking up some boxes for free. Though this may seem like a simple, easy and green solution to your packing worries it’s not as simple as that anymore. Before the government introduced incentives to large businesses to recycle it was easy to collect large amounts of spare packaging from shops. However, if you choose this as a way to get your boxes be warned. Most companies now flatten, shred or recycle their cardboard waste as soon as they are done with it. This means that if you need a lot of boxes, looking to the supermarkets might not be the answer. This being said however, many large supermarkets have a policy where they will happily allow customers to take any boxes they do have if they ask in store for them. So, if you start preparing in advance, and asking every time you do a food shop in the months running up to your move then you may find you can get most of your boxes in this way. Though this may be a suitable option for some people, others might find that slowly growing a collection of boxes actually hinders their ability to sort through and pack their items instead of being a help. With the home improvement market putting a heavy emphasis on utilizing empty space many people have bedrooms where they once had loft storage and extra living space instead of usable garages. If this seems similar to the situation you are in then you may find you just don’t have to space to store an ever growing collection of boxes. If this is the case, then the ease of bulk buying boxes may be for you. Packing box companies usually only sell to large businesses but they have found that they are selling more and more boxes per year for domestic and small moves. This is because of a number of factors but mostly the ease of bulk buying to the everyday house mover. Boxes can be purchased in large quantities, in various sizes either online or from removal companies. The benefit of the latter is that some companies will buy back any unused boxes so that you can re-claim some of the cost if you over spend. This is easy for many because it removes the need to store already constructed boxes for a long time before your move. As well as this it means you are buying new unused boxes with no wear and tear and no weak spots from previous use. With all this in mind, the question is, is it worth buying boxes or recycling old ones? The answer to that depends on your situation. If you have the time and the storage or are on a strict budget then collecting boxes from shops and recycling old ones may well be the best solution for you and your packing needs. However, if time and space is limited and your budget is slightly more flexible, then a bulk purchase of new boxes is the quick and easy solution. Just remember, it doesn’t matter which type of box you decide to use, you’ll always need more than you think you will!

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