Making Your Move Succeed with a Little Planning

A relocation to a new home or office requires vast amounts of effort, organization, resources management, and time. You will have to keep on top of every part of the process, completing it properly and thoroughly with time to spare. All of this won’ be easy, but it can be made much simpler if you are prepared foe everything. With a little know how and preparation you relocation can be a successes, as you will soon discover.

You won’t be able to handle your move if you lack all the necessary knowledge. There are many things you must manage and each one will require you to know how toe perform each one of them correctly. This sis why you must research the process as much as possible, by looking at different websites and talking to acquaintances who have recently moved. Learn what others did, how they perfumed each task, how many boxes and much wrapping material they needed, how long it took to complete and so on. This can give you the perspective you need, allowing you to plan adequately. The more familiar you become with the task, the easier you will be able to complete things on time and without a problem, and if such a difficulty occurs, you will have an idea of the solution. Having confidence in you move is a sure fire way of it succeeding.

Looking into and talking with removal firms can help you enormously. These firms will have people on their website and on the phones who can deliver all the advice and information, you could ever need. Contact them and see how they can help you, hopefully giving you tips and guidance for free. Ask them all the questions you have because no one will have better answers than they will. While here, you should ask them bout the services they carry out and how they can help you. Having a moving firm handle one or all of your moving chores will also help make things straightforward so see what they offer. Try to get exactly what you need and don’t take on any service that is unnecessary. To ensure this and a good deal, request a free, quote, if it needs no commitment.

A schedule is a good way of keeping your move running smoothly. Assigning each chore to certain days and items will help give you enough time to get everything done and prevent your from forgetting to do a process. You can use it to prioritize important aspects and ensure they are given the time needed. By having a rota you will also enable you to assign different errands to the people who live or work in your abode. By doing so, the process will be completed quickly and everyone knows what they should be doing. With more people on the job, it will go quickly, and if everyone knows what they are doing and when, it will be done efficiently and without difficulty.

Obtaining all the goods you need beforehand also ensures that you can go through the process smoothly. Sorting you goods, working out how many materials you need and then buying them means that you can complete all of your packing in no time. You may need certain items for specific task so having them in advance will be a huge benefit. At this point, you should also look into and book the services you need such as transportation and storage.

A little planning and preparation can go along way, so consider all this for your move.


Moving should not be difficult when you use a great moving company.

The fever of excitement at moving a house can only really be dampened by the realization that you have to actually move house! The fact of the matter is, if you want to enjoy your new place, you are going to have to get all of your stuff there and that is a massive job in itself! Getting everything that you own from A to B near metro Atlanta is not an easy task, and you may well be worried about how you are going to go about such a thing, as there are so many different things that need sorting if you are going to get everything done on time and in the right way. What you really need for a successful removal is a company who deal with such things day in day out, and who are willing to hep you out at every turn with the process, and in a great removals company you should be able to find that rather easily. Sure, it can be difficult finding the right removals company, but from then on it is not an issue, as a great company will be able to make your move that little bit simpler by taking the reigns are sorting everything out for you. Take a look at what to look out for when you are choosing your company.

First off is customer service. if a company does not feel like you are important enough to treat in a polite manner, then they are unlikely to treat your belongings well as well. This may seem obvious, but in fact it is the best way to whittle down a selection of what will likely be hundreds of removals companies in your area. Being able to get on with the firm who are in charge of moving everything that you own is vital, so you should be able to talk easily and in a friendly manner with them on the phone. In a way, there is little that can not be solved if you feel like you are on the same page as the head of your removals team, so make sure you ask to talk to this person before you make any decisions on who you will choose for the job. Meeting the team is important as well, as the company need to get a good idea as to what you are like, and what the job entails. You should do a house visit so that everyone is fully aware of what they are dealing with at all times. This will massively reduce the amount of potential surprises that are in store for the team, no one wants to get to a job and find that the workload that they were expecting as actually double in reality, so be sure that everyone is well aware of the nature of the job.

Looking online at reviews sites will give you a decent insight as to how companies have performed in the past, so they are certainly valuable. In a way you are getting friendly recommendations, but on a larger scale where you can look at averages as well as one off comments. These sorts of stats are very useful in working out how well you will be treated by the firms that you are considering, so combining this information with a decent dose of character evaluation over the phone and in person, and you should be well set towards finding the right Georgia moving company for you.

Keeping your valuables safe when moving

One of the most problematic parts of moving house is the risk that things will get damaged. You will likely be extremely concerned about the well being of items that are made from glass, china or any other breakable material, especially as they will have to be lumped in with everything else in a van, which will then subject all of your items to some severe vibrations and shaking as it moves. The transit part of a move is the most nerve wracking, as you can not do anything to protect your beloved belongings, as they are trapped away in the back of the van. This can be quite a tense period, as you will be terrified that you will open the rear of the van to find a bomb site of smashed up things that you once loved. The reality is that removals companies train their staff in handling and packing things in a way that prevents these sorts of things happening, but there are things that you should do to prevent the likelihood of such an event. As always with a move, you should start planning and packing well in advance of the actual date. This will give you time to source materials and work out ways of doing things in a cost effective as well as highly protective manner. You will not regret putting some thought in to the process, but you will regret neglecting your things, and losing them to the swinging space in the back of the van.

For a start, you need the right materials. Many who are concerned about their belongings’ safety will reach straight for the bubble wrap, but it is a high cost material, whose production is terrible for the environment. In some situations, you will need bubble wrap, but for the most part, tissue paper from a sustainable or recycled source will suffice, as scrunching or layering it will provide a protective barrier against things knocking in to each other. Having sturdy boxes that will not lose their shape is another vital material to have. Older boxes will crease more easily, which can mean that sticking them is unsafe. The result of a few boxes falling down from a pile in the van would be disastrous to the items within and around them, so be sure to buy new boxes, and make sure that you recycle them afterwards, as sending them to landfill is another ecological nightmare. make sure you are armed with plenty of packing tape, as it always seems to run out at the worst time. You can always use spare rolls of tape around the house if you have some left over, so do not be scared of getting an extra or two!

A sheet of paper between plates should be enough to dampen the vibrations that may cause them to mark each other or to crack, but it is worth filling out any empty space within boxes with bunched up tissue to prevent any movement. With large items you should find any smaller extremities that are likely to break off, and be sure to remove them if you can. If not, place protective cardboard or wood around them and tape in place. if you can, then highlight the area so that those who are moving the item can see that they need to watch out for that bit. Mirrors should be protected again with hardboard or cardboard, especially over the sheet glass, as cracking can be easy if it is not well protected.


Ways to Find Cheap Moving Supplies

Ways to Find Cheap Moving Supplies


Are you on schedule and you need to move very soon? If that is the case, then you are aware that you’ll need plenty of moving boxes on the cheap side to deal with your belongings. Obtaining these boxes however may take some effort and money, though there are ways you can find a good supply of boxes for your needs at affordable prices or maybe even for free with a but of luck. The following tips aim to help you find a way to obtain boxes as you need them. We begin with the following:

  • Check up with your family and friends

This may be one of the fastest ways to obtain boxes if you contact the right people. Neighbors and friends as well as family may have some boxes remaining from previous moves. The same can work with coworkers or if you are working in a store, as there are plenty of boxes being recycled and thrown away every day by companies. Consider that before you go off buying boxes for your moving needs.

  • Check up with retail stores

Local grocery stores and larger retail chains may have a great variety of boxes if you’re lucky. You should visit these stores before buying anything. Ask their supervisor whether they can donate boxes to you and the majority of people working in this business will gladly give you a good number of those, as they will have to break them down and recycle them anyway. Doing so will save you a great deal of time, money and efforts while packing so take what you can as it is given to you.

  • Buy boxes from storage companies
  • Check classifieds websites
There are many companies which specialize in selling boxes and storing items, so buying from them will provide you with great sets of boxes at affordable prices. You can also obtain boxes through office supply stores, though the sizes and the variety will be significantly lesser than that of storage companies, who work with a range  of items and clients. You can go one step beyond that by checking out the yellow pages and other sources of information to find what you need.

Craigslist is one good example of that, as it allows you to contact a broad online community for advertisements that may have what you need. In many cases you might even find that some of the adverts are in fact meant for giving away boxes and not even selling them, so look around carefully and see whether anything is available in the vicinity of where you live. If not, you can always check if the advertisements allow shipping of boxes at your expense in bulk. You’d be surprised how many things one can find on classifieds websites.

  • Check online with a wider range of search

You can find a whole lot on the web, as in companies who deal specifically with boxes online, providing cheap and flexible opportunities to find what you need.  In many cases you can find a whole lot more than you would if you look for boxes otherwise, so keep that in mind during your packing phase.

Tips for Keeping your Home a Clutter-Free Environment

You don’t have to be wading through piles of junk in your home to feel closed-in and claustrophobic. Whether you live alone or with a busy family, your house will almost always build-up with unwanted items, junk letters and old bits  you’ve probably forgotten you owned. If you feel as though your home is due a de-clutter and you’re determined to keep it that way then here are some helpful hints and tips to get you started. 1) It seems like an obvious place to start, but it’s the most important – have a big clear out! Most people when sorting through their possessions don’t actually downsize enough to keep their home clutter-free. Start by donating, binning or selling any items you don’t need. This is also a good way to make a little bit of extra cash! Give yourself a general rule to go by if you struggle with knowing what to sell and what to keep. For example, set yourself a “one year rule” – if you haven’t used the item in a year or over then you don’t need to have it cluttering your home. Things of sentimental value are a little trickier. If you find you really can’t part with something, but that it’s not something you use everyday then utilize any storage space you might have, such as a loft or garage. 2) The best way to keep a tidy house is to identify the areas of your home that tend to be the most high-traffic. Kitchen counters, coffee tables and desks tend to be the places that accumulate the most junk. Think about what builds-up where and what storage solutions can be put into place to keep your house looking clear. For example, if the table in your hallway ends up covered in letters and junk mail then invest in a decorative box in which to store them. Do magazines and newspapers cover your living room? Treat yourself to a magazine rack to keep the clutter at bay. 3) The best way to keep a mess-free house is to get into the habit of tidying as you go along. Try to designate a place for all of your belongings and make sure you return everything to where you got it from! This will also help you keep track of items that always tend to go missing. If you live in a family home, it’s easy to get the kids into this habit by buying them a decorative toy box in which to store their things. 4) If you just can’t seem to shake your feelings of claustrophobia no matter how hard you try, then it might be best for you to create the illusion of space. Try a change of furniture to make small rooms seem bigger. If your living room consists mainly of bookcases or storage units consider replacing them with floating shelves. This will instantly make your room seem both lighter and airier. Similarly, if you have a flat-screen television then try swapping out your old TV stand in favor of wall-mounting. This will save floor-space and give your living room a bit of a makeover. If you’re still looking to make your rooms appear bigger, try using pale wall colors, curtains, carpets, rugs and sofas to give the room a lighter and more spacious feel. You can also create the illusion of bigger rooms buy purchasing and hanging mirrors to reflect space.

Difficult Objects Moving Tips

Moving is hard on us when we need to take care of large quantities of objects and especially difficult ones, such as the bulky and awkward belongings we often have around our homes. Years of accumulation of objects of all kinds can mean all the difference in the world when the big day of moving. There are pieces of furniture and other things that need you to do the extra effort required to get them from point A to point B. The following article will give you tips on what you need to do to get things done. We begin with the first one on our list:

* Moving Fish and Aquariums

Keeping fish around your home is a great, relaxing way to have pets that are clean and require a minimum amount of care compared to larger pets. It’s like your own little Georgia Aquarium! They do however need more care when it comes to moving. If left at the mercy of a simple move of the whole aquarium they will likely not survive the road ahead due to bruising and temperature changes. Fish can bruise when the water they are moved in moves too fast due to sudden stops, so keep that in mind. You must drain the majority of the tank as you won’t need all the water in it to get things done. If you have any plants in the aquarium you should move them to a bag separately from the fish. The fish themselves should be moved in a small bag and handled with extreme care. The reason for keeping some water in the aquarium is the micro-organisms that inhabits the water that create a symbiotic relationship with the fish as they live there.

* Moving plants

Although plants may not be quite so difficult to deal with, the can be depending on their type. They could be hurt just as easily as pets, if not even more so. If your plants are placed in ceramic planters, then you will need to move them to plastic ones at least a week before you decide to move. This will protect them from breaking during the move. Depending on the length of the trip the plants may need some stable conditions and a temperature-controlled transport or storage. Exercising caution ensures your botanical garden makes it to your new home. 

* Moving a piano

Pianos are notoriously heavy, often weighing somewhere up to half a ton. They are odd and uncomfortable to carry, difficult to deal with and impossible to move alone. There is a good reason why people keep hiring piano movers, since even moving it down to street level can be difficult and it sometimes involves you having to haul it right through a window. Most homes are not made to support large and bulky objects moving through their doorways. Professional movers will use a crane to get them through the windows since in many cases the doors are impossible to deal with. On the other hand a piano dolly may also be used to move it around, but that also requires you to have a large freight elevator to help you out. In all cases you will need the help of movers to get it moving and that simply cannot be avoided.

Downgrading the size of your Home

Consider what Self-storage can do for you It is not uncommon for people to feel the need to move into a small home. Maybe your kids have moved out, perhaps you are selling your home in order to play the market and need a temporary property to live, or perhaps you just want to cash out on your big property and move into a small one in order to maximize your disposable income. Whatever your reason, the chances are if you are moving from a larger home into a smaller one, there won’t be enough storage space in your new home. If you try and fit all your items from your old, larger home into your smaller, new one, you’ll either be out of storage space for anything else you buy from then on, or you’ll be cramped for space as items take up space in your living room, kitchen, bedroom and hallways. Luckily, there is a solution for you, and that solution is self-storage. Self-storage companies allow you to hire out whatever space you need for a cheap rate. They have become increasingly popular in recent years, with massive self-storage complexes popping up all over the place up and down the country. One of the key benefits of self-storage is the security they provide. If you’re having to wriggle and carefully maneuver yourself to and from every room in your home because you’re scared that externally storing your now household obstacles won’t be secure, then put that fear to rest straight away. Self-storage companies, especially the massive complexes, have the most up-to-date security systems: round the clock guards, CCTV, fencing, alarms, electric security keys are just a few security features to name. In fact, storing your items externally will often mean they are safer there than they would be at home. Another reservation about using a self-storage unit is that you won’t have round the clock access to it. Although the possessions you store shouldn’t be items you need on a daily basis, you will from time-to-time require what you store. Almost all self-storage companies will be open 7 days a week for 12 hours a day. Many will have 24/7 access. So if you decide you need something from your storage, and its 3am on a Sunday, no matter what company you use, you should have access to your things whenever you need them. Another benefit of self-storage is the flexibility they offer. If one week you need 75 square-foot, but the next week you only 25, then self-storage companies will be flexible to your needs. Almost all self-storage companies near Atlanta and throughout Georgia will offer contracts by the week or even the day, and you can just renew it every week. Alternatively, if you need storage for 6 months, a year or longer, then most companies will offer discounts for contracts of this length. To put bluntly, if you are downsizing home and don’t want to bin your items, then you may have no choice but to hire out a self-storage unit. But this shouldn’t feel like a choice that you are forced into – the service provided is extremely flexible, modestly priced and secure. Unless you are working to an extremely tight budget, then hiring out a self-storage unit will mean your floors are clear, your cabinets are empty, and your loft isn’t full to bursting. If you require direct vehicle access to your self-storage unit, then outdoor units could be your answer – they allow you to drive straight up to your unit to ensure that heavy items can be just picked up and put in the vehicle with ease. Whatever your circumstance, but especially if you are considering downsizing, then you should consider hiring a moving company like Pair Of Guys Movers to have the job done efficiently and correctly.

Moving boxes – To buy or not to buy

When moving home or business there is one thing you are going to need in abundance. Boxes. Large or small, cardboard or plastic, they are all useful when it comes to relocating to another property. However, with the economic climate meaning many are watching what they spend and the environmental experts encouraging recycling, many face a dilemma when it comes to sourcing their moving boxes. When discussing moving with friends many will suggest popping down to your local supermarket and picking up some boxes for free. Though this may seem like a simple, easy and green solution to your packing worries it’s not as simple as that anymore. Before the government introduced incentives to large businesses to recycle it was easy to collect large amounts of spare packaging from shops. However, if you choose this as a way to get your boxes be warned. Most companies now flatten, shred or recycle their cardboard waste as soon as they are done with it. This means that if you need a lot of boxes, looking to the supermarkets might not be the answer. This being said however, many large supermarkets have a policy where they will happily allow customers to take any boxes they do have if they ask in store for them. So, if you start preparing in advance, and asking every time you do a food shop in the months running up to your move then you may find you can get most of your boxes in this way. Though this may be a suitable option for some people, others might find that slowly growing a collection of boxes actually hinders their ability to sort through and pack their items instead of being a help. With the home improvement market putting a heavy emphasis on utilizing empty space many people have bedrooms where they once had loft storage and extra living space instead of usable garages. If this seems similar to the situation you are in then you may find you just don’t have to space to store an ever growing collection of boxes. If this is the case, then the ease of bulk buying boxes may be for you. Packing box companies usually only sell to large businesses but they have found that they are selling more and more boxes per year for domestic and small moves. This is because of a number of factors but mostly the ease of bulk buying to the everyday house mover. Boxes can be purchased in large quantities, in various sizes either online or from removal companies. The benefit of the latter is that some companies will buy back any unused boxes so that you can re-claim some of the cost if you over spend. This is easy for many because it removes the need to store already constructed boxes for a long time before your move. As well as this it means you are buying new unused boxes with no wear and tear and no weak spots from previous use. With all this in mind, the question is, is it worth buying boxes or recycling old ones? The answer to that depends on your situation. If you have the time and the storage or are on a strict budget then collecting boxes from shops and recycling old ones may well be the best solution for you and your packing needs. However, if time and space is limited and your budget is slightly more flexible, then a bulk purchase of new boxes is the quick and easy solution. Just remember, it doesn’t matter which type of box you decide to use, you’ll always need more than you think you will!

Helping your young child adjust to moving

Getting children excited about moving house can be troublesome. Such a big change can be earth-shattering for a kid, especially if it means they’ll be leaving behind their friends and school. Children won’t always understand the necessity of moving house, and so they can often feel as though their opinions don’t matter. Here are some ways you can ease the moving process for your little ones. 1) Involve them! Try to let the children be as involved as possible. Bring them along to house-viewings and get their opinions. Though they won’t understand the financial side of moving house, it’s important that they get to see their potential new home. 2) Cleaning house. Your child may struggle when it comes to clearing out some of their old possessions. Give them a helping hand when it comes to deciding on what to keep and what to throw. If you yourself are selling items, it might be worth offering a similar option to your kids. Let them sort through their toys and clothes in piles for donation or for selling. Take them to a car-boot or jumble sale if you don’t think they’ll fetch much online, and let your son or daughter keep their money! This is a great way to get your kids excited about de-cluttering their home. 3) Decorating. If there’s one thing children like it’s getting messy, and the prospect of decorating can be exciting to a kid – especially if it’s their room that’s getting a makeover! Sit down with your child and plan to decorate their new bedroom. If money isn’t an option consider wallpaper, flooring, and furniture designed for children to get them excited about moving house. If you haven’t got the funds to stretch to that, don’t fret! You can easily use paint, accessories and wall-stickers to decorate a room on a budget. If you’re planning on decorating yourself, get the kids involved and make a day of it! Don’t limit your children’s input to their room only – let them have a say in the design of the whole house. If they haven’t quite got a knack for interior decorating, just try to include them in the process. Take them to look at wallpaper samples and paint swatches while listening to their opinions. 4) Exploring your new area. Kids can struggle to adjust to a new neighborhood or town, so make sure you take the time to explore with them. Find out where your local park, swimming pool and library might be and spend time with them there. For younger children, research into classes and courses that your child might be interested in taking. This is a great idea to boost socialization skills and help your child make friends quickly. 5) Saying goodbye. One of the most difficult parts of moving house for a child is having to say goodbye to school friends and neighbors. Help ease the stress by planning a leaving party for your friends, your children’s friends and your neighbors as well. Get the kids involved with the planning too! Make the event as family-friendly as possible and let your children say a proper goodbye. Saying farewell to your best friend can be a horrible experience for a child, so exchange contact details with some of your son or daughter’s best friends’ parents. It can’t hurt to see them at future birthday parties or get-togethers!

Top Five Packing Materials Needed for Moving Homes

The time has come to move home. You’ve got your new house or flat locked down. You’ve paid all your security deposits, informed your landlord you are moving out or have successfully sold your current home. Your next course of action should be planning how you are going to move all your belongings to your new home. For this, you’ll need to know what materials you will need to transport your goods. This is a list of the essential materials needed to ensure any efficient and swift move.

1. Boxes

You will, needless to say, need vessels to transport your belongings. The most cheapest and common vessel is the humble cardboard box. A sturdy cardboard box will be able to transport your goods with no problems, provide you do not pack all of your heaviest, densest items in the same box. Cardboard boxes should be available for free. Cumming Georgia has many large supermarkets and big commercial stores that have a surplus of boxes that they need to get rid of. Simply ask at the desk whether they have any, and if they do they will surely oblige your needs. If not, boxes can be bought in office supply stores or from your moving company. If you feel you may need these boxes in the near future, you can always buy cardboard boxes that can be deconstructed, then reconstructed.

2. Bubble-wrap

Moving can be a hazardous process. Carrying heavy boxes to and from the van can take its physical toll on you. As such, accidents can happen, such as dropping or banging the boxes against hard surfaces. They way to ensure your items safety in this case is to use man’s oldest friend – bubble-wrap. Bubble-wrap, again, is a modestly priced commodity. It can purchased from any good hardware or office supply store. Do not use it on all of your belongings; just you’re most valuable and delicate items. It also provides something for your small nippers to play with whilst you move. We all know how much fun bubble-wrap is as a kid. It’s even fun as an adult. But you have to pack, don’t lose focus by spending hours satisfying your bubble-popping desires.

3. Plastic Containers

To transport you heavier items, sometimes cardboard boxes aren’t sufficient enough. Pack them too heavily and the bottom will more than likely give way to the weight it’s carrying. Large plastic containers, like boxes and bubble-wrap are modestly prices. Also like boxes and bubble-wrap, they can be purchased from any good hardware or office supply store. Unlike cardboard boxes, then can used again if you plan to move homes in the near future. Furthermore, if you have the space in your new home, these plastic containers can be used as storage containers.

4. Mattress protection

Chances are that if you are moving your mattress outside to the van and then removing it from the van to your new home, it may touch the grubby floor of the outside world. This problem is easily adverted. Simply buy a mattress protector from any large supermarket to protect it from getting dirty as a result of the move.

5. Removal Blankets

Just as your mattress can get dirty, so can your other belongings. Removal blankets can be bought from any good hardware store or online, and their sole purpose is to protect your goods from any dirty, dust, scratches or dents during the move.