Top Five Packing Materials Needed for Moving Homes

The time has come to move home. You’ve got your new house or flat locked down. You’ve paid all your security deposits, informed your landlord you are moving out or have successfully sold your current home. Your next course of action should be planning how you are going to move all your belongings to your new home. For this, you’ll need to know what materials you will need to transport your goods. This is a list of the essential materials needed to ensure any efficient and swift move.

1. Boxes

You will, needless to say, need vessels to transport your belongings. The most cheapest and common vessel is the humble cardboard box. A sturdy cardboard box will be able to transport your goods with no problems, provide you do not pack all of your heaviest, densest items in the same box. Cardboard boxes should be available for free. Cumming Georgia has many large supermarkets and big commercial stores that have a surplus of boxes that they need to get rid of. Simply ask at the desk whether they have any, and if they do they will surely oblige your needs. If not, boxes can be bought in office supply stores or from your moving company. If you feel you may need these boxes in the near future, you can always buy cardboard boxes that can be deconstructed, then reconstructed.

2. Bubble-wrap

Moving can be a hazardous process. Carrying heavy boxes to and from the van can take its physical toll on you. As such, accidents can happen, such as dropping or banging the boxes against hard surfaces. They way to ensure your items safety in this case is to use man’s oldest friend – bubble-wrap. Bubble-wrap, again, is a modestly priced commodity. It can purchased from any good hardware or office supply store. Do not use it on all of your belongings; just you’re most valuable and delicate items. It also provides something for your small nippers to play with whilst you move. We all know how much fun bubble-wrap is as a kid. It’s even fun as an adult. But you have to pack, don’t lose focus by spending hours satisfying your bubble-popping desires.

3. Plastic Containers

To transport you heavier items, sometimes cardboard boxes aren’t sufficient enough. Pack them too heavily and the bottom will more than likely give way to the weight it’s carrying. Large plastic containers, like boxes and bubble-wrap are modestly prices. Also like boxes and bubble-wrap, they can be purchased from any good hardware or office supply store. Unlike cardboard boxes, then can used again if you plan to move homes in the near future. Furthermore, if you have the space in your new home, these plastic containers can be used as storage containers.

4. Mattress protection

Chances are that if you are moving your mattress outside to the van and then removing it from the van to your new home, it may touch the grubby floor of the outside world. This problem is easily adverted. Simply buy a mattress protector from any large supermarket to protect it from getting dirty as a result of the move.

5. Removal Blankets

Just as your mattress can get dirty, so can your other belongings. Removal blankets can be bought from any good hardware store or online, and their sole purpose is to protect your goods from any dirty, dust, scratches or dents during the move.

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