Ways to Find Cheap Moving Supplies

Ways to Find Cheap Moving Supplies


Are you on schedule and you need to move very soon? If that is the case, then you are aware that you’ll need plenty of moving boxes on the cheap side to deal with your belongings. Obtaining these boxes however may take some effort and money, though there are ways you can find a good supply of boxes for your needs at affordable prices or maybe even for free with a but of luck. The following tips aim to help you find a way to obtain boxes as you need them. We begin with the following:

  • Check up with your family and friends

This may be one of the fastest ways to obtain boxes if you contact the right people. Neighbors and friends as well as family may have some boxes remaining from previous moves. The same can work with coworkers or if you are working in a store, as there are plenty of boxes being recycled and thrown away every day by companies. Consider that before you go off buying boxes for your moving needs.

  • Check up with retail stores

Local grocery stores and larger retail chains may have a great variety of boxes if you’re lucky. You should visit these stores before buying anything. Ask their supervisor whether they can donate boxes to you and the majority of people working in this business will gladly give you a good number of those, as they will have to break them down and recycle them anyway. Doing so will save you a great deal of time, money and efforts while packing so take what you can as it is given to you.

  • Buy boxes from storage companies
  • Check classifieds websites
There are many companies which specialize in selling boxes and storing items, so buying from them will provide you with great sets of boxes at affordable prices. You can also obtain boxes through office supply stores, though the sizes and the variety will be significantly lesser than that of storage companies, who work with a range  of items and clients. You can go one step beyond that by checking out the yellow pages and other sources of information to find what you need.

Craigslist is one good example of that, as it allows you to contact a broad online community for advertisements that may have what you need. In many cases you might even find that some of the adverts are in fact meant for giving away boxes and not even selling them, so look around carefully and see whether anything is available in the vicinity of where you live. If not, you can always check if the advertisements allow shipping of boxes at your expense in bulk. You’d be surprised how many things one can find on classifieds websites.

  • Check online with a wider range of search

You can find a whole lot on the web, as in companies who deal specifically with boxes online, providing cheap and flexible opportunities to find what you need.  In many cases you can find a whole lot more than you would if you look for boxes otherwise, so keep that in mind during your packing phase.

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